Monday, November 9, 2009

How to install Google Wave extensions

You may come across extensions you like while using Google Wave -- any installable extension is displayed within a wave by a puzzle piece that describes what it does. To install, simply click the Install button. The extension will then be installed and ready to use!

If you'd like to browse through other available extensions, check out the Extensions Gallery wave in your account. You can either search your account for Extensions Gallery, or you click the Google Wave extensions link in your Welcome Wave (also available via search). From there, you can browse through and install a variety of different extensions.

If you'd like to use an extension for which you have the URL, follow these steps:
  • Start a new wave, or open the one you'd like to add to.
  • Go to the section of the wave to which you'd like to add the gadget.
  • In the compose window toolbar, click the Insert Gadget puzzle piece.
  • Enter in the box the URL for the gadget you'd like to add.
  • This will add an external extension to the wave you are editing



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