Wednesday, May 13, 2009

how to create a site with joomla

How to Create Sections:-

Login to admin and go to section manager. The Section Manager (Content > Section Manager), we see that it is blank. This is because we installed our site with no content in the installation process.

Here we created a section About us
After we have set up the section we now have

- About us
- Services
- Testimonials

How to Create Category:-

We go to the Category Manager (Content > Category Manager) and set up the categories we need. Notice we have to make sure we put it in the correct section (Services in this case) and save it as before.

Then following categories created are:-
- What we are
- What we offer
- Benefits
- Projects
- History
- Leadership and team
- Why India?
- Contact us
- Faq

How to Create Articles:-

Let's go to the Article Manager (Content > Article Manager) and open the About us content article

You will see here the title is About us which is the page title, the section selected is About us and the category What we are. Also note that to display the content of this page we FrontPage so that it should be shown on the front page.

Similarly create all the required article content for each respective category to their respective sections.

Now that we have all the content ready the question is how to assemble it and link it .
So now we start with Creating Menu and Menu Items.

As per are Web Needs We need Main Menu, Top Menu and Footer Menu and we create this in the Menu Manger as shown below,

How we create Main Menu:-

First let's go to the main menu (Menu Manager > main menu) and create a link to About Us. Here we get first option to select the article content from the Menu Items page, so now for about us we need to select the Articles and under this we have article Article Layout and select that , then we have a page.

In the figure you will see that Article layout is selected for Main Menu Type you can change that as per you layout needs, you will also see options to add menu item title and on the right you option to select the article we just created here we select company article content to our needs. You will also see the option to select where to display in the drop down here we selected Main Menu and the parent item as the TOP if it has any sub items we can do that by creating a new Menu Item and selecting the about us we already see a example Our Services.

Similarly we create Top Menu and Footer menu items.
Note that for each Menu type in the Module manager a module is created and see how they are related. In this case for Main Menu a Module Main Menu is created in the module manger. So you understand how a module is related to Menu Type .

We can also extend Joomla. There are extensions available, you can use this to download various extensions, Plug-ins, Modules and also themes

I have use Testimonials extension in my site I will show how to add to Joomla
Downloaded the Extension from

Installing Extensions

All extensions will come in the form of compressed zip files and are installed via the same process. To install, you simply use the Extension Manager. Go to Extensions>Install/Uninstall. This will show the Extension Manager,

If it’s a successful installation it will say so .It it is you will see a link Rsmonial where it allows you to add any testimonials from admin.
Earlier for the front end we created a section Testimonial for this section we will add this extension as we need the testimonials to be displayed on each and every page we create a Menu Type Testimonial Select the Rsmonial the menu item type and for that respective Menu Typea module will be created in the Module Manger Enable it.

So you see the Testimonial in the Menu Type here you also get option to add testimonials from the front end and done.

Finally we our complete website up and Running.