Monday, January 11, 2010

Google Sites

There are many host and application providers, who lets you create your site for free. But the glitch in using those is, you have to host your site on their server or use their Banner. Their Banner will reveal that you have created your site using their software/application, which is quite embarrassing for any business.

Now, Google is offering you to create your sites via Google Sites, which is a free and easy way to create webpages, as well as embed documents, pics, and Videos. Not only that there is a template gallery for Sites; when you create a new site, you can now select a template which you can further customize according to your needs. Available templates cover a wide selection of specific needs; you’ll find one for schools, weddings, families, clubs, restaurants, projects and more.

Apart from templates, it also offers Automatic site Translation. Visitors to your Google Site with a different language setting than your site can hit the translate button on the bottom right of the page to translate the whole site to the language of their choice

You can set a default location for a page template. This makes it simpler for you to keep the pages of your site organized. For example, if you have a recipe template in your family site, set /recipes/ as default location for pages created from that template so all your recipes show up together within your site.