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Major Benefits of offshore software development are:

Software developers are available right now and can work for you.

Easier start-up.
Intellectual property protection: you or your company may retain all rights to the code and product developed for you

Lower costs
During last decade US and European Union IT industry met increasing lack of experienced software developers. This raised both the cost of programmers and software development projects.

Offshore software development is usually defined as the practice of moving software and other IT work, such as project analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintenance from companies in developed countries to software companies in India where a large number of experienced and qualified work-force is present. Nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies use offshore development services or have their own branches set up offshore. Major hardware and software giants like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Novell, Sun and Siemens have extensive offshore operations. Many of the world's famous software applications are developed offshore, either partially or completely.We understand the offshore contract programming paradigm, and are committed to making it work effectively and reliably for you. As a professional organization, we actively pursue best practices throughout the software development process.

The end benefit for you: "top quality, cost-effective professional software development service."
  • When outsourcing the project, you save the following expenses, payed fully when working with employees:
  • Costs of recruiting, facilities, benefits, and bonuses
  • Costs of computers and software
  • Phones, international faxing and internet (including e-mail and ftp)
  • Office rent, energy costs, furniture and other equipment
  • Office maintenance, cleaning, security and insurance
  • Administration and accounting, legal support, taxes
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