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        - Jennifer Crowther
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Our great work history is the result of the methods and techniques we use. GWT's clients are happy with the results we have produced in 100% of all projects. The main way we have achieved this by using a wide variety of software development and project management methods:

Contact us at GWT for a free, no obligation evaluation of your current IT projects. We would be pleased to meet with you and discuss efficient software solutions.


At GWT we feel communication is probably the most important factor in developing sophisticated products to meet all your business and technical requirements. Since our knowledgeable teams have a deep understanding of the current status of your project, they can give full attention and careful consideration as conversations are had. They listen and respond appropriately. You will be dealing with a staff that is flexible and has the capacity to adapt to changing requirements.

The main tools we use to achieve clear on-going dialogues with our customers is e-mail and instant messengers.

To guarantee we are all on the same page we use e-mail for requirements and specifications. Clearly defined tracking of these significant documents is possible by use of e-mail. It allows us to review previous discussions as a basis of clarification and understanding what had been discussed and needs to be fixed.

MSN Messenger, NetMeeting (Instant messenger programs) make it possible to have one to one communication as well as group discussions between various team members who are in different places all over the world. It is fast and cost-effective and allows saving all interactions for reviews of previously conversations.

Skype and other telephone options are used makes it possible to have Video and Voice chat making communication very fast and cost effective.

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming (XP) is a methodology which emphasizes team work and communication. A team, in this sense, includes managers and developers as well as customers. All parts of the team work together throughout the project and are dedicated to delivering quality software.

At GWT we offer this significant departure from traditional software development methods which allow us to produce quality results, staying within budget while meeting delivery schedules.

XP is actually a deliberate and disciplined approach to software development. About eight years old, it has already been proven at many companies of all different sizes and industries world wide. The four main components of Extreme Programming include:
  • Communication
  • Simplicity
  • Feedback, and
  • Courage
We have discovered the simplicity of this technique produces noticeable results on software projects. GWT project managers and developers communicate with their customers and fellow developers on an on-going basis. They keep their design simple and clean. They get feedback by testing their software starting on day one. They deliver the system to the customers as early as possible and implement changes as suggested. With this foundation developers are able to courageously respond to changing requirements and technology.

How a Project Works

Customers have told us that it almost feels like the development is happening right in front of their eyes. We understand working over long distances using an offshore development company may seem a little uncomfortable if an organization has not done this before.

We therefore utilize Extreme Programming (XP) to stay in close contact--daily, if needed. In addition to using XP which emphasizes on-going communication with customers, we have implemented the following procedures to keep clients aware of their product development. We keep the lines of communication open with the following technical Infrastructure:

f requested, we can set up a fully dedicated development server hosting only your software product which will be available 7x24. We set up a secure on-line system for only authorized viewing. Access to this server allows you, the client, to keep track of development as the site is updated regularly by the developers.

  • Project Tracking System: we use MS Project or other client project management tools to assign and track tasks and deadlines
  • Communication procedures: Email, MSN Messenger, NetMeeting, Skype and other telephone options are used
  • Bug Tracking System: We use our in-house problem tracking tool, GTrack, or if the client prefers, we can use Bugzilla to keep track of bugs and enhancements.
How We Work With Overseas Companies

GWT manages projects by using a methodology which has proven quite effective, particularly in working with clients in other parts of the world. By appointing key persons for communication and making sure requirements are clearly understood and coordinated with the design and development documentation. The final quality of the product is ensured by using full lifecycle QA and Testing procedures. And if desired, GWT can serve as an organization's Offshore Development Center to allow on-going upgrades and maintenance to systems.

Stage 1: We Appoint Key Persons

Our cooperation with clients is based on a "single communication channel" approach. This means that the client appoints someone who will be our single communication point for all official project-related issues and we assign a GWT project manager who will be the only person for all official interactions between GWT and the client.

  • GWT's Project Manager
  • Client's Project Coordinator/Manager
Stage 2: Start-up Phase

We start by studying the initial system requirements provided by the client, communicating with the client to ensure we are in clear agreement with what is needed.

Stage 3: Design and Development

While high level design and writing functional specification documentation are taken care of by the client, GWT starts putting together a team of experienced software professionals who will start writing code in close coordination with Client's Project Manager. Note that communication is again the key issue here, that's why this key person on client's side holds much value to the development of the software.

Stage 4: Quality Assurance/Testing

Throughout the entire software development process GWT implements Quality Assurance procedures. We use industry proven QA and Test methodologies to ensure all phases of the project are tested and do indeed meet the stated requirements. In parallel, dedicated technical writers develop user documentation (if applicable).

Stage 5: Commissioning

Commissioning consists of installation of the final product on the client's premises, allowing field or user testing by the client's personnel. GWT then processes feedback from the client's own testers.

  • Final system delivery
  • Feedback from the client's field testers
  • Updates to the software to make any needed changes.
Stage 6: On-Going Maintenance

We implement additional features requested by the client and fix defects found during an agreed upon warranty period. A new project can be started anytime, but we do not hold the original team in place unless we have agreed with the client and are working as their Offshore Development Center (ODC). An ODC model is ideal for long-term relations and ensures dedicated personnel with background knowledge of the system.

In-House Projects and Tools:


GTrack is a QA/Test problem tracking system created for use internally and on client projects. This application provides support services to track bugs, offers reporting and shows results of fixes, helping to eliminate software bugs. GTrack allows GWT's QA Team to schedule and control software enhancements.


Gsys was created by GWT as a complete task management system for System Administration tasks. It allows assigning and tracking on-going, new and pending tasks as well as adding chenges to enhance server performance (with the ability to go back to the old configuration). This creates a single work platform for the sys admin and management personnel.


GWT stays abreast of new technologies as they appear in the software development world. We currently are working with the following technologies:

JavaApplet, Application, Swing JNI, JMF, JCP ,RMI, JDBC,J2EE,JSP, Servlets, Beans, EJB, MVC Framework ,Strutts and Scaffold

Microsoft technologies include:


Other MS technologies

ASP 3.0, VC++, C++, VB 6.0 ,MFC, SDK, COM/DCOM, ActiveX ,Exchange Server, BizTalk Server

Database Design

SQL Server, Oracle, Access, DB2, MySQL
(There are not too many applications that can ignore the existence of databases. In most cases, databases are at the center of our project, and the rest is built around it.)

Web Technologies

Application inter-operability and internet/intranet communication is the common feature of today modern application.

Operating Systems

Linux, Sun Sloaris, Unix, Mac OS9

MS Windows

NT, 2000, XP

Maintenance and Testing

Software development is not only about creating new applications. Most of the effort is usually spent on the maintenance and support of existing software packages. We have experience in providing maintenance, support and enhancements to your legacy applications running on MS Windows 95/98/ME and WindowsNT/2000/XP.

We also have extensive experience and can provide testing and quality assurance (QA) for all your existing or new software needs, as an addition to or working together with your present QA/Test staff.

Software running on Windows 9x, NT, 2000, Linux, Unix, Legacy Software, reverse engineering

Localization and Documentation

We can localize your software into English, European or Japanese languages, translating the documentation. GWT offers editing services so that all the information on your website will be easily understood by all readers visiting your website-whether they are from the East or West.
Our professional editors come from a background of international business and consumer magazines and newsletters including extensive experience in the computer industry.

Technical Support and Helpdesk Services

Utilizing GWT, you can now offer tech or helpdesk support for your customers worldwide on a 24/7 basis without the investment of local personnel.

To add further, we can put together a team with the skills needed to manage your project.

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