"I wanted to write in to express my extreme gratitude to Satinder Globalworldtech, I have spent the last 2 years trying to get a site ranked on page one, by google!!! Yes 2 years, I heard of Globalworldtech through an other company who sang their praises so thought I would give them a try.
        - Jennifer Crowther
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GWT Projects

While our projects list is increasing daily, here are some of our recently completed projects:

Internet of Things (IoT) - Arakne S.R.L., Italy

Purpose of this app is to increase the interaction between the client and the store, to register client behaviour with focus on improving the business-client relation. Some of the features:

  • Dialogue with the beacons present in the shop and communication with the server for personalised content.
  • Authenticated Access
  • Personalised dashboard with principal measures
  • Subdivision in various fields (Clients, shop, consumption)
  • Possibility of drill-down measures
  • History log for year by year comparison
  • Control Panel for campaign messages
  • Predefined map of the shop

DiscountHunt App

This app lists all discounted products from popular e-commerce sites. Select discount from the range 10% - 90%. Select the product category. App will search and display the discounted products, in your chosen category. DiscountHunt will help you get the best deals.

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gwt.discounthunt

iPhone app: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id1065849423

One Touch Share App

This app will help people who are active on various social media sites but don't want to post their images separately. When you access this app, you simply need to select a photo from the phone's camera or gallery, select the social networking sites you want to post it on, and tap on "Submit". The Share app saves massive amount of time with its single iteration of photos sharing to all major social media sites.

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onetouch

iPhone app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/one-touch-share/id983599574?ls=1&mt=8

Website: One Touch Share App

Flappy Smasher

This is a clone of flappy bird game and is built using objective C++ and cocos2dx. Globalworldtech:

  • Add "N" number of flappy birds instead of single bird and make them fly without the users control
  • Birds will die only if they are smashed by the pipes
  • We have to make more modifications to see that the birds don't die on collision with another birds or any other environment (side of the pipes or the rocks etc)
  • In flappy birds game, on user tap, the bird fly. We have to change so that when user tap, pipes move up and down to smash the birds
  • The number of birds spawning keep increasing as time goes by, thus making it tough for user to clear the level

MSEB, India

This app is built for the people of Maharashtra, who has this problem that their electricity bills don't come on time. With this app, not only will they see their electricity bill details like Units consumed, last date to pay, bill amount ..etc. but can set a reminder as well to avoid last minutes rush and long queues.

Android app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gwt.msebbill

KrHome, Italy

KrHome is a real estate company that deals in Luxurious apartments, Villas, Buildings and have presence in various countries like France, Germany, Spain ..etc. Globalworldtech created elegant design for their iPhone/iPad app which not only showcase their properties but also have multi-lingual support.

iPhone app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/krhome/id647181863?ls=1&mt=8


Raso Vai is an Ayurvedic resort that bring ancient Ayurvedic science towards health and well being of the modern man. Their main work is to provide Training's, conducting Courses, Workshops, Consultation, offering Treatments and Panchakarma. Globalworldtech created their iPhone and Android app. Below are the links:

iPhone app: Rasovai

Android app: Rasovai

London in Motion, UK

London in Motion is one of the largest growing stock footage libraries dedicated to hi-definition footage of life and sites in London. New additions of London Video Clips are being frequently uploaded. Globalworldtech:

  • Designed Website Architecture
  • Created website design
  • Developed website from requirements analysis to the final release
  • Integrated Worldpay and Paypal as payment gateway system
  • Developed Affiliate section for people who wants to contribute to the site and earn

Beyond Building Energy, Australia

Beyond Building Energy's mission is to build affordable, high quality, energy efficient housing and infrastructure, fully equipped to meet the global challenges of an ecologically and economically sustainable future. Globalworldtech:

  • Created new website design
  • Developed website from requirements analysis to the final release
  • Integrated payment gateway system
  • Performed continuous maintenance and support for Beyondbuildingenergy's site

Pacept, GmbH:

Share Management System: This web-based system was designed for large corporations selling bonds and shares to its bond/shareholders and through selling partners. The system allows distribution of profits at various times throughout the year. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Developed system to allow collecting and maintaining data on company customers and selling partners, plus other needed information
  • Created features which allowed customers and selling partners to be able to logon and update their contact information and view the current status of their profits distributed by the company
  • Added features to allow the company to distribute profits and update all customers and selling partners on status
  • Created customization feature according to company needs
  • Maintains website on on-going basis adding new modules as needed

Pacept, GmbH:

Media Tracking System: This media tracking system was designed for large telephone corporations selling telephone numbers over a fixed period of time. The numbers are allocated to agents who in turn allocate those numbers to their clients. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Created a web-based interface that allows the company to add customers and allocate packs of telephone numbers to them
  • Developed a system using login information which allowed customers to add clients and allocate telephone numbers over a fixed period of time. (After the time period is over, any number which has been allotted to the client comes back to the company automatically to allow re-use to another client.)
  • Enabled clients to also view their status at any given point of time

JMV - Java Molecular Viewer

JMV is a molecular viewer designed to be an easy-to-use platform neutral molecular visualization tool, which can be used standalone or integrated into other programs. This product provides several molecular representations, multiple coloring styles, lighting controls, and stereoscopic rendering capabilities. JMV loads PDB format molecular structure files over the web, from the RCSB protein databank, from BioCoRE file systems, and from local file systems. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Designed and produced the viewer using Java and Java3D

Payformance Inc., USA

Payformance Corporation, formerly Secure Document Systems, Inc. is a Florida-based developer and marketer of automated payment systems for Business-to-Business transactions. Its wide range of software products features MICR laser check printing, ACH solutions, check fraud prevention technology, and an application service provider for outsourcing. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Provided Quality Assurance and Testing its full range of products
  • Reviewed requirements for all products to ensure full testing of system
  • Created test plans based on business and system requirements
  • Reported all problems found during testing using Mercury'sTest Director
  • Instituted systems and collaborated with Payformance to follow up and re-test fixes

Ryze, USA

Ryze helps people make connections and grow their networks. This site includes an events calendar, message board, private messaging facilities, home pages / profiles and a contact manager. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Performed System Administration ensuring the Ryze servers were optimized to handle large amount of load 7/24.
  • Maintained servers round the clock, kept them optimized and running
  • Performed backups, security updates, and replications as some of the common tasks
  • Provided customer support and handled user enquiries on a 24/7 basis

iVillage, USA

iVillage is the number one women's community internet site for offered by a leading women's media company. iVillage offers women a 24 hour resource in which to find and share advice, get information on women's health, relationships, diet and fitness issues. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Performed System Administration ensuring that the iVillage servers (3-5) were optimized to handle large amount of load on a 24/7 basis
  • Maintained servers round the clock, optimized; running
  • Conducted backups, security updates, and replications as some of the common tasks

NetDeva Inc., USA

Fast Connect is peer-to-peer networking software. This web-based contact management and searching system making the most of an organization's "Social Capital". GlobalWorldTech:

  • Created and developed this people networking software from requirements to completion
  • Developed all web based services to allow searches and connecting with others
  • Created the User Interface (UI) for data entry


This internet site was created to bring advanced communications technologies to grassroots organizations working worldwide for peace, human rights, environmental sustainability, women's rights, conflict resolution and worker rights. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Provided System Administration support for IGC servers
  • Provided email/ Web server Support, updating with new patches and software, tightening security and keeping them running 7/24

Ektoplasma.net GmbH, Germany

Project One:

Employee Management System (EMS): A fully multi-lingual web based application for managing the employees of the company. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Developed entire application from requirement analysis to the final release
  • Created extended architecture for linking with the other modules in the product family.

Project Two:

Visual Email: Web based Email client to mainly view CAD documents (supports many other formats) GlobalWorldTech:

  • Completed mail application using .NET Technology
  • Used MS Exchange Server 2000 as email server of the application
  • Designed Presentation Tier

Project Three:

GlobalWorldTech (in partnership with Ektoplasma.Net) developed a project tracking system with the following modules:

  • Control Panel: for managing lists of tasks
  • Documents: for managing specifications and other project documents
  • Change: to keep track of changes
  • Defect Lists: for keeping track of bugs and feature requests

Flycode Inc., USA

Peer to Peer (P2P) application for sharing videos and images. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Designed Network Architecture
  • Produced Client and Server specifications
  • Evolved specifications according to business requirements
  • Developed Client in VC++
  • Developed Server in Java
  • Developed Website functionality in JSP and ASP
  • Integrated third party tools, e.g. Preview
  • Provided 7x24 Systems Administration support

Panesar Group of Industries, India

Panesar Group of Industries is a leading manufacturer of Rice Milling machinery for large Basmati exporters shipping rice out of India. This system will allow them to contact any of their clients, view their profiles, and update the client information. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Designed Website, Contact Management System and Inventory Control system
  • Produced easy to use User Interface allowing inventory tracking

In House Applications and Projects


GTrack provides support services to track and eliminate software bugs and to schedule and control software enhancements.

  • Completed bug tracking and reporting application using PHP Technology
  • Created release notes
  • Developed Enhancement Tracking: Add, Modify, Delete, view incident summary report
  • Utilized GTrack, provided support services to a large QA team, which allowed bug reporting and showed test results


This system is a complete task management system for System Administration tasks.

  • Developed system in PHP
  • Provided an easy way to assign tasks and keep track of on-going tasks
  • Added changes to enhance Server performance, with the ability to go back to the old configuration and other important tasks
  • Created a single platform for important task tracking: (Gsys gives an independent single platform for the system administrator and management to keep an eye on the running tasks, newly added tasks and pending tasks.)

Inventory Control

This web-based application provides various stock inventory options on the internet. This system was created in a user-friendly way that allowed non-experts to run the application. GlobalWorldTech:

  • Provided password protection
  • Created ability to create multiple companies, multiple vendors, customers and items
  • Produced multiple types of Reports: Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly
  • Made the product easily customizable, according to the needs of the company

Global Media Framework (GMF)

The Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology developed by Global World Tech provides simple and secure usage of the distribution of digital goods, including digital versions of videos and music. The Global Media Framework Application Server supports requests from clients for content publication for DRM and handles requests for searching a file in the peer to peer network and the location(s). DRM, which is a core part of the system, is plugged into the media player making it possible to be distributed independently as an plug-in to another system or multiple DRM systems to co-exist in the Media Framework .

This allows the client to publish digital media in the Global Media Framework. The contents are then converted to the global publication formats i.e. .GVF (Global Video Format) and .GAF (Global Audio Format) which are protected contents.



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