Friday, April 17, 2009

Creating site with Joomla

Creating GWT SITE with Joomla

Joomla is Content Management System (CMS) .With Joomla you for sure can build a really powerful site. So what does CMS means? To tell you in a simple it’s a system that controls each and every element of your site right from pictures to file , from alignment to placement , from header to footer , so it’s a software that helps to build a site even if you do not have any coding knowledge simply clicks will do .
Let’s start with Installation of Joomla:-
Download it from: -
Joomla installation is very easy just extract the contents of file to new root folder let say Joomla and extract in this folder once done go to the url let say http://localhost/joomla/ and follow the simple instruction on each page and make sure you do as they say, click next and next until it takes you to the final page where you get options to click on either your sites main page or the admin page and done.

Now how to customize the Joomla according to our needs with our designs so let’s begin

you always starts with analyzing how the structure of my site should be what should it display in the header , main menu , front page , footer and any additional functionality so here advantage is Joomla gives you the option for dividing the thing so that you gets chance to work on each one at a time . Begin with our structure and it would be:
The sections are:-
1) About us.
2) Testimonial.
3) Contact us.
4) FAQ.
So here each section does have some task to do here,
Under about us sections we have tasks divided by categories,

The categories are:-
1) What we are
2) What we offer
3) Benefits
4) Projects
5) History
6) Leadership and team
7) Why India?
8) Contact us
9) Faq

So what each categories do:
Now the categories listed have articles which actually help to build the page for its respective category so here articles which finally holds the content for each of its category.
So here the articles for each category are:
1) What we are (Category) –

About us page (Article) –

- This page tells about the company

2) What we offer (Category) –

Services page (Article) –

- This tells about all services as a company we offer to our clients right from technology to project dispatch

3) Benefits (Category) –

Benefits page (Article) –

- Benefits page this tells about the benefits the clients get from our services

4) Projects (Category) –

Projects page (Article) –

- Projects page list all the projects done by our company

5) History (Category) –

History page (Article) –

- History page tells about the company when it got started how what motive and how we grow

6) Leadership and Team (Category) –

Leadership and Team page (Article) –

- This page tells about the leaders in Our company leading the way to success

7) Why India? (Category) –

Why India? (Article) –
- This page tells about why choose India for the outsourcing.

8) Contact Us (Category) –

Contact us page (Article) –
- This page has the contact details about our company

9) FAQ (Category) –

FAQ page (Article) –
- This page has the question answered for all those frequently asked questions.

So this is how the structure is organized.

We already know that in CMS we have everything in the front end is controlled by admin so let’s understand how to create Sections, Category and Articles